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Part- B- Ayurveda Part

8.1.4 Steps adopted by the Institution towards implementation of Swasthavritta activities such as Sadvritta, Acharrasayan, Dincharya & Rutucharya etc in the last 5 years

8.1.5 (QlM:10) Instructional sessions for students introduced by the College on the Medical, Legal, Ethical and Social Issues involved in organ transplantation.

8.1.6 : The institution has taken adequate measures for the preservation and propagation of rare and endangered medicinal plants as per the list provided by the National Medicinal Plant Board

8.1.8 Efforts of the Institution to involve students in Yogic practices & practices & promotion of such practices among the public.

8.1.9 (QnM): Efforts of the Institution towards conservation and validation of local health traditions during the last five years

8.1.10 (QlM:8) the availability of licenced and certified teaching Pharmacy for teaching and demonstration for students and medicine manufacturing

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