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Criterion I: Curricular Aspects (80)

1.1.1 – (QlM:10) The Institution ensures effective curriculum planning, delivery and evaluation through a well defined process as prescribed by the respective regulatory councils and the affiliating University.

1.1.2 : Percentage of full time teachers participating in BoS /Academic Council of Universities during the last five years.

1.2.1 – (QnM:10) Percentage of inter-disciplinary / inter-departmental courses /training across all the Programmes offered by the College during the last five years.

1.2.2 : Average percentage of students enrolled in subject -related Certificate /Diploma /Add-on courses as against the total number of students during the last five years.

1.3.1 – (QlM:5) The Institution integrates cross-cutting issues relevant to gender, environment and sustainability, human values, health determinants, Right to Health and emerging demographic issues and Professional Ethics into the Curriculum as prescribed by the University / respective regulative councils

1.3.2 – (QnM:5) Number of value-added courses offered during the last five years that impart transferable and life skills

1.3.3 – (QnM:5) Average percentage of students enrolled in the value-added courses during the last five years

1.3.4 – (QnM:10) Percentage of students undertaking field visits/Clinical / industry internships/research projects/industry visits/community postings (data for the preceding academic year)

1.4.1 – (QnM:10) Mechanism is in place to obtain structured feedback on curricula/syllabi from various stakeholders

1.4.2 – (QnM:10) Feedback on curricula and syllabi obtained from stakeholders is processed in terms of:

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