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Shalakya Tantra Department

Introduction :

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian science which is based on herbal medicines. The masters of this holy science i.e. Sushrutacharya, Chakracharya, Vaghbhatacharya devoted their life for the human ailments and the treatment. Shalakya is the one important branch of this science which includes the diseases of the organs situated above the shoulders i.e. Urdhvajatrugat, they are Ear, Nose, Throat and Eye.

Treatments like Nasya, Karnapuram, Tarpan, Pratisaran, Dhupan are advised to treat the diseases of these special sense organs. Specialities of the treatments given in S.S.A.M. hospital in Shalakya (E.N.T.) are as follows.

Nasya :

To treat the chronic diseases which are troublesome to human are chronic rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, chronic headache etc. With the help of oils prepared by herbal medicines are used for this procedure which give excellent results.

Pratisaran :

In stomatitis i.e. mukhpak the advisable treatment is pratisaran of some lepa
i.e.mouth paints and gum paints.

Gandush and Kawal :

this procedure means gargling with juices or decoction of herbs. Diseases related with oral cavity are treated with Kawal and gandush. Stomatitis, bleeding & spongy gums, submucus fibrosis, loose teeth due to alvealar problems can be well treated with the help of Gandush and Kawal.

Shirodhara :

To treat the diseases like headache, scalp diseases, lack of concentration, hair problems shirodhara of decoction or oils or buttermilk are useful.

Dhupan :

For carious tooth and toothache smoke of some medicinal drugs is given scientifically. Similarly when the ear starts discharging by anu cause the medicinal smoke gives relief to such complaints.

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