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Rog Nidan Vikruti Vidnyan Department


The III year of B.A,M.S. plays an important role between Ist year & IIIrd year In the academic year of IIIrd year B.A.M.S. there are 5 subject to be taught. Amongst them, Rog-Nidan and Vikruti Vidnyan is the most important subject Coz. It helps to diagnose the disease and withour diagnosis one can not treat the patient at all.
While dignosing the disease knowledge of pathological factors are also important.

As this is a medical field, the knowledge of clinical diagnosis plays an important role. We are proof to say that our subject gives the very first exposure to the students about clinical diagnosis.
A part from the diagnosis, pathological investigations are equally essential for the further management of the disease & this is also the part and parcel of our subject. So we can confidently say that our subject is the key to success i.e. Successful Medical Practice!!!

Department of Rognidan & Vikruti Vidnyan has been established in jan 2000. This department deals with the study of pathology & clinical Medicine.
Rognidan Department has 2 member which consist 1) Asso. Professor. The faculty members are always trying to do the best in teaching by going through various types of texts through power point presentation, information on internet about the subject related.

  • Success Rate of Department is 100%
  • Total 60 books are present in the department library which according to department need.
  • Learning resource of the department of library are well equipped with all types of Ayurvedic as well as Modern text & reference books, Ayurvedic & periodicals, CD magazines. The Library is well equipped with internal facility for student & all department. All equipped with all instruments.
  • Practical Hall contains all required equipment’s and instrument e.g.
    • 1) Electron Microscope
    • 2) Video scope
    • 3) Ph Meterr
    • 4) Centrifuge Machine
    • 5) Water bath
    • 6) Hot air oven
  • Practical hall is well decorated laminated Ayurvedic and modern 110 flex charts & 30 models. Enhancement of the learning resources during the years we are regularly updating the models. Charts, actual teaching on the patients through case taking in the hospital we use black board as well as transparent with O.H.P. & some time L.C.D. Video Clips and power presentation is used. We are also having Histology Slides which we show the students with the help of Electronic microscope.
    The faculty always makes the study case for student by various teaching aids. The queries of students are solved easily, weak students in the subject are guided well & also separate lecturers are conducted for the students who failed in subject.
  • Hospital Laboratory :-
    • 1) Instruments
    • 2) Routine Investigation
    • 3) Bio Chemistry
    • 4) Hemogram
    • 5) Staff Trained
    • 6) Home Visit (Sample Collection)
    • 7) Serology
  • Visit the National Laboratories in City for study
  • Plan of action of Department for the next years :-
    In future we are thinking to send the departmental members for different teachers training programs & to attend national & international level seminars & workshop
  • Methods of student Assessment :-
    Assessment of student is done by2 terms end in one academic year. Internal assessment is calculated by 30 marks Theory+10 Marks Practical = 30 marks out of 270 marks. Distributed in 2 Exams.
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