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Criterion VI: Governance, Leadership and Management (100)

6.1.1 (QlM:5) The Institution has clearly stated Vision and Mission which are reflected in its academic and administrative governance.

6.1.2 (QlM:5) Effective leadership is reflected in various Institutional practices such as decentralization and participative management.

6.2.1 (QlM:5) The Institutional has well defined organisational structure, Statutory Bodies/committees of the College with relevant rules, norms and guidelines along with Strategic Plan effectively deployed. Provide the write-up within 500 words

6.2.2 (QnM:5) Implementation of e-governance in areas of operation 1. Academic Planning and Development 2. Administration 3. Finance and Accounts 4. Student Admission and Support 5. Examination

6.3.2 (QnM:7) Number of teachers provided with financial support to attend conferences/workshops and towards membership fee of professional bodies during the last five years

6.3.3 (QnM:6) Average number of professional development / administrative training programmes organized by the Institution for teaching and non-teaching/technical staff during the last five years

6.3.4 (QnM:6) Average percentage of teachers undergoing Faculty Development Programmes (FDP) including online programmes during the last five years (Orientation / Induction Programmes, Refresher Course, Short Term Course etc.)

6.4.1 (QlM:7) Institutional strategies for mobilisation of funds and the optimal utilisation of resources

6.4.2 (QlM:8) Institution conducts internal and external financial audits regularly

6.4.3 (QnM:5) Funds / Grants received from government/non-government bodies, individuals, philanthropists (INR in Lakhs) during the last five years (not covered in Criterion III)

6.5.1 (QlM:10) Institution has a streamlined Internal Quality Assurance Mechanism

6.5.2 (QnM:10) Average percentage of teachers attending programs/workshops/seminars specific to quality improvement in the last 5 years.

6.5.3 (QnM:10) The Institution adopts several Quality Assurance initiatives The Institution has implemented the following QA initiatives : 1. Regular meeting of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) 2. Feedback from stakeholder collected, analysed and report submitted to college management for improvements 3. Organization of workshops, seminars, orientation on quality initiatives for teachers and administrative staff. 4. Preparation of documents for accreditation bodies (NAAC, NBA, ISO, NIRF, NABH, NABL etc.,)

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