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Kaumarbhritya Tantra Department


Kaumarbhritya - Tantra (Balrog) is the part of Ashtang - Ayurveda which deals with children of age group 0 - 16 years. This science is not only covers the disease or treatment part only but all aspects of children like food, nutrition, feeding nurse, toys, etc.

Along with this the diseases of mother, its precautions etc. are covered under Kaumarbhritya. The different events during the development of child is also the important part which is holistically attached and known as Sanskar, viz. Namakaran Sanskar (Giving the name), Upaveshana Sanskar (at the time of sitting), Suvarnaprashan Sanskar etc.

The subject is included in Third year B.A.M.S. for 150 marks (90 marks for theory, 44 marks for Practical and 16 marks for internal exam ) with single paper containing Kaumarbhritya and modern Pediatrics.
The department of Kaumarbhritya of SSAM College has eminent staff with Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant professor. The dept. equipped with various charts, models, medicines etc.

The various activities carried out like Survanaprashan (Ayurvedic Immunisation) Sanskar in each month on pushya Nakshatra, also the Vaccination at every Wednesday in association with NMC. We performance school health checkup & pediatric health awareness activities.

Fully working department include separate pediatric hospital unit at the centre of city . Mahatma phule & Rajiv Gandhi Arogya yojana gives facility to needy patients at pediatric unit. Pediatric surgeon & Pediatricians with super specialty are 24x7 in service at hospital.
6 PG. seats are available at shree Saptashrungi Ayurved Mahavidyalaya Nasik. P.G. students give first preference for post graduation to Kaumarbhritya due to advance modern clinical practice as well as practical Ayurvedic studies.

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