Program Outcome

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PO are what the graduates of an under graduate BAMS program should able to do at the time of graduation.

should a sound theoretical knowledge of fundamentals of ayurvedic siddhant

understanding of the subject together with an adequate clinical experience to be able to resolve clinical problem encountered independently or without assistance

  • Be competent at obtaining medical , Social, behavioral and medical history from patient/his relatives and elicit information about diet, hygiene and other health related behaviors
  • Be competent at obtaining at a full and accurate medical history
  • Be component at identifying signs and recognizing symptoms of common diseases
  • Be competent at diagnosing uncommon, rare diseases with differential diagnosis
  • Be able to apply theoretical knowledge all previous clinical experiences for perfect diagnosis
  • Be competent at formulating a treatment plan management of patients
  • Have knowledge of the clinical indication, contra indications, Side effects and limitations with available resources.
  • Have physiological, Pathological and pharmacological knowledge of the relevant to manage medical cases
  • Be competent at basic life support
  • Have knowledge of the recognition of acute medical emergencies and its management
  • Have knowledge of surgical principle and techniques
  • Have knowledge of surgical and clinical procedures for diagnosis and management of patient.
  • Have knowledge of pre-operative, operative and post operative complications of major and minor surgeries
  • Have knowledge of legal framework related to clinical practice.
  • Have knowledge of legal provisions related to medical negligence
  • Be aware and follow professional ethics of medical field
  • Be technology friendly and able to use it for clinical practice as well as for professional purpose.
  • Interpersonal skills required for professional, Social and personal development
  • Good communication and presentation skills
  • Team building, Team handling and motivation
  • Basic management skills required for hospital management
  • Life long learning skills and good listening skills